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SMS enabled in MS Outlook

texSMS is a software application that seamlessly installs itself (or “plugs”) into MS Outlook, to allow you to generate SMS messages in exactly the same way as you would generate and send regular emails. You can also send personalised bulk SMS’s using texSMS’s quick and easy bulk SMS interface. It is highly configurable and can use CSV, Excel and text files, or distribution lists, as data sources. Replies to SMS’s are supported and are delivered back into your email inbox (or optionally forwarded onto your own cellphone) giving you full bi-directional SMS interaction from your desktop. texSMS works equally well for personal, business, bulk or corporate use and does not require ANY hardware or ANY configuration of your email systems! Features
  • Calendar Integration - automatically delivers appointment reminders to your cellphone
  • Meeting Scheduling - all attendees are automatically reminded of meetings by SMS
  • Reminder and Scheduled SMS's - can be created now and delivered at a later date
  • Full two-way communication - allows replies to come back directly to Outlook
  • CC Mobile - automatically send an SMS to an email recipient informing them of the email being sent. Perfect for important and time-sensitive emails!

texSMS is the primary choice for better, faster, cheaper communication. "Small Message – Big Impact"