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Ambient Mobile offers a comprehensive range of text, multimedia messaging and WAP services including full hosting and support, customer services, bespoke solutions, systems integration and professional services ranging from engineering to training. Our services are literally "ready to fit", since they are built to mesh easily with your current information services and technology infrastructure. We've structured our offerings in a flexible, modular way that considerably shortens your time to market and allows for enhanced functionality, additional services integration as and when your business requires.

Mainstream Services for consumer and business include but are not limited to:
  • E mail to SMS Service;
  • Bulk Short Message Service;
  • Short Message Service Short Codes and content development;
  • Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS);
  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) Interactive communication between the subscribers and applications across a GSM Network;
  • Short Message peer to peer Protocol (SMPP);

Application Programming Interface (API);
  • Systems integration
  • .Mobi Websites;
  • .Mobi Applications;
  • Pre and Post Paid;
  • Custom applications and bespoke solutions for intelligent messaging;
  • Premium messaging content.

Managed services

Ambient Mobile offers several hosting models. You can seamlessly move from one option to another at any time.

Fully Outsourced by Ambient Mobile (ASP) - In this model all servers are owned and maintained by Ambient Mobile in our world class hosting facilities.

Mid-sourced - Hosted by Customer and Ambient Mobile - In this model some of the servers are owned by Ambient Mobile and some of the servers by you. Local Telephony/fax servers are installed locally while the rest of the servers are hosted by Ambient Mobile. The two environments are connected via a secure VPN.

In-sourced - In this model, all the servers are owned by you and reside in your facilities.


Customisation of your new service is included in our professional service offerings. We offer 4 levels of customisation ranging from no customisation - you would use the Ambient Mobile system as it is from the Ambient Mobile website - to advanced customisation. We also offer you a hybrid solution, whereby you are given the opportunity to pick elements from each of the basic categories of customisation.

Basic customisation - use our products with your company's look and feel and customised message delivery templates.

Intermediate customisation - all the features in the Basic customisation plus extra template options.

Advanced customisation - full customisation giving the look, feel and structure of your organisation and marketing approach.

Customer services:

Choose from Bronze, Silver and Gold Service Level Agreements, depending on your needs for support and maintenance. The range is from basic support to full 24-hour support 7 days a week with negotiated response and pro-active 24-hour, 7-day remote monitoring.

Professional services:

Ambient Mobile offers a wide range of professional services including project management, the implementation of infrastructure, billing consultancy, integration, marketing, customisation and training.

Marketing support:

Thanks to our end-user segmentation and professional services, Ambient Mobile offers you the chance to get to your customers - and your customers' customers - more quickly and more often. But we even go further than that because we'll also help you develop a marketing plan to target each segment. We can re-order your existing customer base according to segmentation models aimed to give you the fastest possible market uptake. We strongly believe that segmentation makes it easier to bundle content to end-users, enabling you to stimulate usage and revenues by addressing more and new markets.


To help you fully integrate our offering with your services, Ambient Mobile offers extensive training and e-learning opportunities. To make it simpler, we've developed three different training packages: management, technical and functional. These are aimed at getting your sales, technical, administrative, customer support and marketing employees quickly up to speed.