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Bulk SMS



Bulk SMS powers thousands of mobile marketing campaigns. There are other ways to do mobile marketing, but none of them offer the reach of simple, bulk sms text messaging. When your company or organisation needs to get the same information to hundreds or thousands of people, whether clients or customers, the easiest way to do so is by sending them a text message.

PC to Mobile is a full suite of messaging software and plug-in solutions enabling businesses and consumers to create messages or campaigns via several unique and feature rich interfaces: Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, OMS (Outlook Mobile Service), Internet Explorer Toolbar, Firefox Toolbar, File to Mobile, Windows 7 and Vista Widgets, Stand Alone applications, iGoogle Gadgets, Web Portal, Facebook and Tablets.

This wide variety of clients and interfaces enable people to use messaging in familiar contexts in the most natural environment possible for each user. It also includes Consumer oriented Mobile Email solutions.

All Ambient Mobile textSMS EVO solutions are MS 2010 compatible and has a strategy and operational plan in place to remain current as and when MS release new mainstream versions of their software.

Messaging Gateway
  • The Ambient Mobile Gateway includes various interfaces for content providers, enterprises and Facebook Developers to send out messages (mainly SMS/MMS but also Voice, Fax and email) to customers and employees. The gateway includes the following interfaces:
    • HTTP, SMTP, XML, SMPP, MM7, MM4, Facebook, SNPP, WCTP and our entire "PC to Mobile Products"
  • The Ambient Mobile Messaging Gateway provides a central and efficient VAS connection and management solution that streamlines integration to operators' SMS, MMS, email and WAP Push systems, removing the need to connect separately to each internal messaging system as well as to other supporting network systems and service enablers.
  • For Enterprises, communicating effectively with customers, distinguishes your company from the rest by creating a unique competitive advantage. Many companies automate their business processes hoping to gain efficiency and reduce costs, yet forget to reach out to their customers, partners, suppliers and employees. This remains a manual challenge, without an effective mechanism to automate this routine process. Now, Ambient Mobile‚Äôs Messaging Gateway Service enables you to add a more pro-active customer care approach, with a highly customisable multi-channel notification service. The Messaging gateway service enables you to automate routine messages and processes with fully interactive voice and text communications. The Ambient Mobile Messaging gateway enables you to facilitate real-time message delivery to wired and wireless devices, including land-line phones, mobile phones, fax machines, SMS and e-mail, while leveraging your investment in database, call center and enterprise application technologies. The service allows companies to overcome their communication barriers by automating complex communication processes, which will boost productivity, reduce operating costs and see an immediate return on investment.